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What separates a great celebration from an ok one?

Posted On:08.02.2014

Ok, we now have performed at probably 300 weddings in the last 4 years. Its an amazing accomplishment and certainly a testament to quality driven live live music. What I ask every client is this:

What do you really want on your big day? 

Answer: For my guests and I to have a great party and everyone to dance and enjoy themselves. 

My response: Us as well.

This is a universal response that may seem at first over simplified, but think about it. Your event, wedding, gathering of family and friends is first and foremost a celebration!!. Period. All the prior work of planning is done… So then, this leads me to ask my next question ….

What separates a great celebration from an ok one?

Answer: Usually “dancing, fun, laughing, relaxed, comfortable, great atmosphere, energy”

My response: Yes all correct, there only 3 ingredients to a great celebration

1. You

2. The company you bring

3. The Energy of the Entertainment

 If you took away:

favors, cakes, fancy limo, pumping digitized music, photo booths, could you still have one of the most memorable nights of your life?

Answer: A Resounding yes 

These are all great things to have at your party if you choose. Nothing wrong and can absolutely add to the celebration.

Now as musicians we know there is no substitute for great live music. If you have ever been to a concert, you know this as well. There is energy in the strings, the notes, the vocal chords of the band when its beautifully constructed delivering your songs that move you.


How do we do it? 


Together. We get to know you and from our relationship comes a great working relationship to put together a performance you will never forget.

Spontaneity – Yes!! We are 100% live and have the amazing ability to break songs down, add horn lines-get you and your guests involved, be musically creative, mix songs – all in the name of —-

Energy– Our Mission is to Move You! The Funktion Band is Electric

Talent – Some of the best musicians of New Jersey and New York

Our own sound – A great band you will recognize. Ability to play as the radio or put our stamp on a song. You know when you hear and see The Funktion