What makes a great band-NJ – The Funktion NJ Wedding Band, NYC Wedding Band

What makes a great band-NJ

Posted On:01.24.2015
Nothing Less Than World Class Vocals and Music
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What makes a great band-NJ
Their individual talents are remarkable, together they are spectacular. From old school funk, to new school pop, the band played it all – and they played it very well! Their joyful energy electrified the crowd and had many, if not all, people dancing to their funky tunes. WHO NEEDS A RADIO WHEN YOU HAVE THE FUNKTION BAND?!?!
It was a blessing to have the opportunity to hear and dance to The Funktion Band on that special day; it was by far the best part of my day. Upon finishing their time on stage, I stood around to meet the team of highly passionate and enthusiastic musicians. They gave me their business card and I noticed something that made me smile; their mission is to move people! On Saturday, September 20 at Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, The Funktion Band completed their mission by moving hundreds of people through their collective, positive, electrifying spirit.
THANK YOU Funktion Band for making my day, and THANK YOU Point Pleasant Beach for making it possible.
Coach Champ