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NJ Bridal Guide with The Funktion Band

Notice all the tips start to look the same and virtually endless.

Its a big industry and there is some terrific advice and then again, advice targeting your pocket book.  We try and keep it real as possible and hope you find my articles helpful.  

  1. A Lack of Personality
    One thing I see at weddings frequently -is they are devoid of the couple’s own personalities.  We do not want that for you – when we speak I try to get to know about you and your spouse to be. I’m not saying have a themed wedding – but a little more of the couples humor would be tremendous. Whether it be saying a few words to your guests – getting silly with the band – hand written notes to your guests.  And when the bandleader and yourself  talk and bond- there is more magic to be had and a great night of dancing and fun is organic – cheese is for the table only! These things breathe life into your party -you and guests will love it
  2. Money
    The wedding industry is just that – an industry. So while there is a lot of good advice out there, there is also advice from people who’ll just profit from it. Be careful you’re not spending where you don’t need to – whether it’s being talked into a more expensive wedding dress, or having a limousine when your wedding and reception are at the same location. Make sure you know your budget, what’s important to you – and what isn’t
  3. What a Wedding Really Is
    The wedding ceremony is the main event – Make sure you’ve put enough thought into the music, readings, and vows that will make your ceremony memorable and special to you and yours. The reception is a celebration of it. It can be as formal or informal as you wish it to be..As I have mentioned in many posts – its a party. 
  4.  More personality
    There are two people whose personalities are almost as important as the couple getting married – they are the MC of the ceremony (the officiant) and the MC of the reception (the band leader) Let’s face it, if your officiant is boring and dry, your wedding ceremony may be the same. If your band is cheesy, you’re going to be doing the chicken dance. Make sure that your personalities mesh well with these two people, and that you feel listened to and respected.  Here at the Funktion we want to get to know you – not only your musical likes – but you.  This is not possible with a big agency. It works wonders for us and our clients.