We are Thankful – The Funktion NJ Wedding Band, NYC Wedding Band

We are Thankful

Posted On:07.27.2014
Posted by Ken Negri

We are thankful:

At KLN Entertainment we are proud to do what we do. As a concept through to a live band, we strive always to be the best we can be. We are very proud to be ourselves and never amongst the crowd of groups that simply put, all look and sound the same. As a cover band- it is difficult to stand out amongst the gamut but we have succeeded. It is truly a masterful blend that somehow happened and evolved with some of the finest musicians in the country hailing from NYC and Jersey. – playing and growing as the music consumes us and is infectious to all.   This blending – talent and knowledge  is so acute and free that frequently we let the music take us for a ride and bring you along.  It is spiritual, rocking, and thrilling all at the same time.  I personally do not know of another band that can do this… Musical eloquence and creativity is thriving with The Funktion Band.  This genuine love of music has and always will lead us to a genuine love of our fans, friends, and clients. Thus, our integrity has given us a foundation of great creativity, character, and reputation.

Our business and mission is to serve you with the most exciting and enticing live music around that is FAIR .   I just wanted to say thanks to you our clients and friends – as well as to my musicians. 

Ken Negri