NYC wedding band, NYC Event Band – The Funktion NJ Wedding Band, NYC Wedding Band

NYC wedding band, NYC Event Band

Posted On:01.27.2015

NYC Wedding Band, NYC Event Band

What do C Aguilera, M Jackson, Donna Summer, the late Joe Cocker, John Mayer, Pink, Stevie Wonder have in common? ….Our vocalists.  Having superb vocals does not necessarily mean anything if the band is not on the same level.  Well- here – it is at that level.  

What this translates into are musicians at the top of the game.

The Funktion band nj nyc

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What this means for you?  A band of the highest calibur. Experienced, creative, knowledgable, spontaneous masters at their craft.  We expect nothing less than an exciting – riveting performance unique per event every time and nor should you.  




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