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NJ Wedding Receptions – Just Have Fun

Posted On:02.26.2015

 Okay – There is not much written on this and we are not sure why. We’ve written several times in the past and also worthy of repeating again: First and foremost, your reception is a party!   Aside from everything else – its just that simple.  All the fog machines, photo booths, silly give aways in the world can not compare to energy.  Thats’ right- Energy. 

We not only are going to give you real info here, we have scoured the internet and came across very little as far as having fun at receptions.  A lot of cute things such as photo ops, waffle bars, personalized wedding coasters, fun cake toppers, advice and quote cards, confetti, a bouncy ball pit, Ice cream bar.  You get it – granted- these may be fun and may even be perfect to suit your personality- but you have about 4-5 hours and to us- seem like the focus can go astray from the actual “party”.  This is why LIVE energy is the key.

Key element to a great party is you and yours- your company – the entertainment. 

By this point, you probably have been to your share of weddings.  What you will notice is the entertainment, along with the input of client and timing of the venue, “runs” the night.  This part must be right: The art of the flow-organized-fun-awesome music -and seemless.

So here goes a few ideas simple, tried and true:

1. Surprise – The element of surprise always adds to a terrific event. One wedding in particular, my horn section – with advanced permission but decided that day – were going to do a little Mardi Gras parade just as the cocktail hour was concluding. 2 quick songs-Everyone went bonkers!  The Saints went marching in-The rest of the night got even better!!  Energy-Spirit-Alive!!

2.Getting to know you  – This sounds obvious. However- how many of your vendors really  get to know you and some things about you and yours? We do our best to get to know you. This is your party.  Its so much more personal when we can communicate while emceeing, through the music.  You are truly a part of “it” !  Thats more great energy.

3. Simplicity – Every single client, every guest, every party. The end goal is the same.  “We want everyone to have an amazing time and dance! ” Again-we come back to the basics and the focus.  The focus is you – your company and the entertainment. Lets select the music together, however we suggest, when things are hopping on the dance floor – lets keep it going and let us do what comes most natural to keep the party swinging. Your top choices will be played! 

 4. Formalities can be informalities – There is no rule that states your parent dances must be a ballad.  There is no rule that states anything.  There is no right or wrong.  You can dance to Dads’ favorite Beatles tune- If that is Sargeant Pepper- so be it. Key is- let the whole night fit your personalities! 

4. Personality – Need we mention this. To have fun, have to be fun! 



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