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NJ NYC wedding reception Tips

NJ NYC wedding reception Tips 

We can not stress it enough. It is first and foremost – a Party. Under all the formalities – the flowers – the ride -the cake, speeches, etc… Bottom line… Its a party and…. its Your Party. All the proper planning that will have gone into it – in the end the goal is simply to have an amazing time with your family and friends.  We have yet to meet any one any where that believes other wise.

Its time to let the professionals do what they do and deliver over the top service.  If they do their job right – they are behind the scenes coordinating your plans for you seemlessly. Your expectations should be very high!  And now you should simply enjoy what you have created:  A celebration with those you love and the beginning of your journey together.  The vendors you have selected must have your confidence and be so fantastic at what they do – worry should be the last thing – only a few butterflies which is very natural and great energy!!

Now-Let the music take you away!

This is the most important tip of all: Have Fun at Your Party!!!