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NJ NYC Wedding Reception Planning Ideas

OK- After several hundred weddings in the past few years, I find myself reiterating what every client has stated prior to the big day. “We want a party, We want everyone having a great time, we want the dance floor packed”.  Priorities are very clear that after all the planning, tasting, and time invested…Bottom Line always- Is: Having a Great Party.

With above information- think about every wedding or party you have ever attended. What stands out? The cake, the flowers, the transportation? No-probably not.  Its The time you had with your friends and family.  The Energy – The Entertainment – The memories of Fun.

The Big 5

We call them the big 5 because these are the necessities to a great event.  

The Ceremony
The most important part of the day
    Know Thy Officiant
    See previous blog on planning ceremony
    The union of 2 warm hearts

You and Your Guests
    You and yours are the Hosts!
    Your Vision
    Your Friends and Family
    You and Guests are there to CELEBRATE your union

The Venue
   Timing of the evening

The Entertainment
  Cocktail Music
  First Dances
  Parent Dances
  Time line
  Song selection with you
  Art of the flow
  Party of a lifetime!

Capturing the day-Photographer

   Great photographer captures all the wonderful moments
   Shared with friends and family
   Your keepsakes for life

We by no means are lessening the value of every vendor for your big day.  In fact, all have a role and all are important in creating your vision on your most special day.  What we are saying is, to have a great party – the above elements are most critical and you may wish to consider to be your starting point.   The end goal of a great party and most memorable wedding!  

We suggest booking the above and planning as early as possible to simply KNOW you will have a great and Fun celebration. 

Diana and Mark with The Funktion Band

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