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Importance of a Top Photographer NJ NYC

Importance of a Top photographer

1  Equipment  

Just as in music – same applies.  It is important to know Quality.

You wouldn’t expect to see a professional auto mechanic using PLAYSKOOL brand tools to perform their tasks.  You would hope when you walk into your dentist’s office that you don’t see anything that resembles kitchen utensils and a desk chair from Wal-Mart… if you do, RUN.

Same goes for when you hire a professional photographer! They should be bringing the right tools to a shoot, including the proper cameras, lenses, lighting, and even proper cases to keep their equipment safe.  

All cameras do the exact same thing.  They interpret incoming light into either a digital or film format.  There will always be new technology that comes out to help improve upon this process.  Some of the improvements we’re seeing in the professional world are insanely high sensor sensitivities (high ISO), improved lens sharpness to keep up with the ever increasing megapixel count of sensors, and even improved native dynamic range to help improve what is actually visible in shadows and highlights.

A professional – Michael Dempsey Photography keeps on top of this technology so he can take advantage of the improvements in his work. 

Even having the right equipment, properly maintained and calibrated when editing photos is necessary. Editing is a large portion of what gives a feel to a picture, and he  promise you, someone using microsoft paint or kidpix (RIP) are not going to be able to achieve the same results as someone using the right software.

A good photographer can take a good picture with a good camera, but a GREAT photographer can take GREAT pictures.  This is to say that equipment ISN’T everything, which brings us to the next part…

2  Talent/Knowledge

 Talent is simple; we all know someone who can look at a scene and see something totally different in it, whether it’s spotting faces in inanimate things around the house, or if it’s seeing light reflecting on things that you would never think to notice.  Talent is that which you cannot teach.  Knowledge is, well duh… information inside your brain 🙂

Someone with talent obviously has a lot more potential to take great photographs, as long as they arm themselves with the right equipment and knowledge.  I see a lot of people online taking great pictures, but not knowing how they did it or being able to do it again.  They might be the people with great instagram pictures from their iPhones, or a great shot from their point and shoot when it was on auto.  Sometimes it’s just knowing where to be, at what time and at what angle to shoot, which is more of a talent/luck thing than it is knowledge. 

The main thing about knowledge is that it will help you to know what to do in any given situation. 

Knowledge and talent both are required when it comes to editing photographs as well.  Some people can really wrestle an image into a beautiful work of art with some creative editing.  Knowing how to do so is what takes the image in your head out through your hands and applying it to the photograph.  Hopefully, using the right virtual tools, you can bring a photograph to life, the way you remember taking it.

3  Personality

Personality?!? WHAT?! Remember, I’m talking specifically about what makes a good professional photographer here, and specifically those who do anything with a client in front of their lens. You should be able to engage with, feel comfortable around your photographer- the environment then allows expression.

 Having the right personality will really make that part suck less for the client.  Being able to talk to your clients, both before the day of the event and on the day will help build a real relationship with them.  Once you actually have a relationship with someone, you can typically figure out what makes them laugh, or maybe more importantly, know what makes them feel comfortable., and have fun!

Being honest about your work, your work flow, and your abilities will really make a client feel comfortable with you.  Beyond personality, its simply professional.

So to wrap this all up, a great photograph isn’t the result one particular thing.  There’s not some magic lens out there that makes your images look fantastic, there isn’t one program that will make everything happen over night.  It’s a blend.  Some professional photographers will have one of these things listed above, most have two, and even fewer actually have all three.  When someone does have a good balance of all three, their portfolio will really show it.  It will shine and stand out from all the other photographers in their area.  They are an artsist with the right set of tools and the personality to make people feel comfortable letting them use those tools on them!

The importance then is critical to hire a true talented -personable professional. All of the above guarantees you not only a great product-but also a great experience.

Michael Dempsey Photography