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Continuous Music or No Continuous Music NJ Wedding

Posted On:02.09.2015

Continuous Music or No Continuous Music

Many companies will use continuous live music as a selling point. This is already built into the pricing.  We are a bit uncertain of the actual value of that extra 20-25 minutes when, with some proper planning- its not necessary.  It is your choice of course. However we believe a break is good for the musicians as well as dynamically for your guests.

Generally, your affair is 5 hours in length beginning with cocktails followed by a 4 hour reception. Most often the keyboardist is playing the cocktail hour.  In about 30% of our wedding events, the keyboardist/guitarist is playing the ceremony as well.  Thats about 6 hours.

What we feel – at meal time is give our fingers and your guests’ ears a short break and put on some pre recorded music you may love but the band may not get to.  Its also a very short dynamic change after several hours to  chat with some light recorded back ground music.  This gives everyone a chance to recharge and refresh.

Continuous music funktion band nj

Funktion band nj

During this break is a perfect time for those speeches- then a few minutes of back ground music.  Before you know it- the band is back.  Make sense?  Why would you pay extra … lets just time it right

The biggest effect is the dynamic change in the room – when the band comes back on – its massive and impressive!  Your guests are ready to go!  So, for a short 15 – 20 minute break we take to eat as your dinner comes to an end  for all -it is worth not only saving you $200-$300 others may charge — its very worth it to have your band fully energized – the speeches done – and we are ready to rock your party!!  

Best Regards,

Ken Negri

Band Leader