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Band or DJ – Thats an easy one


Okay, let me start by saying this isn’t a live band vs. d.j. debate. A band is always the right choice. Really, that’s about it. I know – lots of people have told you that d.j.s have come a long way, and they have. But unless you’re having a Techno party, it’s just not that cool.

So let’s talk about why that issue even comes up- and some of my comments are specific to us, because they aren’t always true for other bands.

1. What’s it gonna cost? That’s really the biggest consideration when people start thinking live vs. pre-recorded music. And it’s a big one. What you should keep in mind is that any cost comparisons are kind of apples to oranges. “A d.j. will probably cost you less than a live band.” Well, yeah, it probably will, and definitely should. It’s one guy or gal with an iPod and a MAC. We are – lucky for you – Alive.  And while paying professional musicians to perform and entertain your guests may not be the least expensive part of your day, it definitely shouldn’t be. Music is the most lasting impression your party will make and when at the reception—-hmmm its all about energy–and its organic.  All the flashy lights in the world can not mimic the energy of a live group in unison making awesome music.

People will comment when the flowers are creative, and everybody loves a good piece of cake, but I’ve never heard anyone say that guests were talking about those months later. The mood of your party – it tells your guests what you want them to feel and experience from the moment the band starts until the last person is dragged off the dance floor. (Helped off is probably a better word.)

Then- The add ons – TV screens – Photo booths – fog machines-sunglasses.  How great is the party really  with all these add -ons?  Zero to do with energy.

2. Volume. This is another concern some have- not an issue. Occasionally, some unique venues have sound restrictions , and we have worked in many places where we have made the necessary sound system adjustments to accommodate such requests. That’s easy. But what about the older guests at the party, who don’t want to be jarred out of an absorbing moment with a fork and a piece of cake, or drowned out of a conversation with an old friend. We are at the party for everyone, and when it’s cocktail hour we play quiet jazz standards that don’t become the focus. When it’s time for dancing the dynamics change, because that’s what gets people out there and losing themselves a bit, and that’s what you want!

3. Emcee. Our job isn’t to take over and run your party, it’s to be a part of your party.  We’ve got your notes, we know the itinerary and the art is in the flow. We watch for when your guests are socializing, and we watch for when it’s time to get everyone out of their chairs. We do it with style  – and fun: In front of you with live music.  Entertainment.  There is nothing like it!!  And many parties have at least one person that would love to sit in with us– definitely memorable!  It’s equally important to have a live band pacing the music with what’s happening in the room, and what are the chances that pre-recorded music will line up perfectly with your party and your guests?

4. Wanting it all. This is the “D.j.s can play it all” case. (They can’t.) But truth is, you don’t really want it all. You have worked with us to pick songs right?   You love flowers, but you know the specific look you want. Lots of cakes are great, but you’ve selected 1 favorite. Why would music be any different?  Your party will  have a mood, a feel-a personality, a festive atmosphere, an energy. It reflects who you are and how you want to celebrate that. It is our job to work with your ideas and through your selections – The love, energy, and heart put into performing a song-is felt by you and your guests. So choose a band that best reflects you as well.  A band with enough variety and musical breadth to  appeal to every one of your guests, but still having its own great sound. A band has personality. 

5. The downside. There’s always a downside, isn’t there? I guess breaks might be seen as a downside to having a live band – we’re human, not machines, and need to take the occasional break.  No worries – the party is never without music.  Either a keyboardist can do a little background on break or we bring an iPod with great songs to hear, or even better: use yours – that’s what most people do because after all, that’s where your favorite music is. There will be music the whole time – but when the full band starts playing again, I guarantee you will be elated it hasn’t all been pre-recorded. That dynamic change with live amazing musicians – is THE LIFE to the event.  Hey – I take it back – NO downside to having a live band!

Live music is simply richer and fuller than a recording can ever be. It fills a room in a different way.  We have the ability to include your guests-be musically spontaneous-dance with you- interact with you-have fun with the whole band and your guests . No, we don’t sound exactly like the original artist, but neither does a recording. When you go to a concert it’s to hear great music but also for the atmosphere that live musicians create, and that’s what we bring.

We know you can always find easier and cheaper alternatives …

but substitutes by definition are not the real thing!

The Funktion Band