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One For The Guys – The Speech

Posted On:01.26.2015

One For The Guys – The Speech

Chances are, you may be nervous. That’s okay because most people giving speeches probably feel the same way. A big part of public speaking is those little butterflies that you get in your stomach as you wait for your turn to come up.

Take on the challenge

The trick to giving a great speech is learning how to turn that nervous energy into a memorable moment- smile a lot and deliver with energy! Here are some things that you will want to remember when it comes to giving a speech.

* Everyone gets nervous with public speaking it is not just you.  Some people are more scared of public speaking than they are of dying! Its not that serious!!

* You are going to be speaking to a very supportive, close, and interested audience when you are at a wedding. They are anxious to hear what you will say and are there to share in the same celebration. Those who will be listening to you give your speech are there because they love and respect each other and not because they expect you to give a perfect speech.


*No matter what happens while you’re up there, they’ll all be proud!

  • Start off with a catch line to get everyones attention – a funny anecdote from childhood or at college always works great.  This can be in the form of a personal story, or a hypothetical scenario that will make people think, or an anecdote about the couple etc. Anything that shows why you care about the couple or why other people should too will make your audience WANT to listen to what you have to say.
  • Once you have caught their attention, you’ll want to make it as easy as possible for them to follow your speech throughout. The most effective way to do this, right after your hook is used, is to map out where your speech will go. For example: If you are planning to make your speech a funny one or sentimental- follow it through- and notes are perfectly fine!.

After you’ve Outlined your speech, all you have to do is follow it. However you are hoping to speak about the couple, be sure not to stray too far. Public speaking may always be scary no matter how many speeches you give or how many techniques that you practice. In a way, that’s what makes it so fun, and so important. But with a little bit of practice, anyone can give an effective speech or toast at a wedding that will in time make it fun and easier!!  Don’t worry- remember why you are there and have fun!


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